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What is Polkadot Decoded?

Polkadot Decoded is the largest event held each year for the Polkadot community. This annual hybrid experience of online and in-person events features talks and workshops on all things Polkadot. With presentations made from new parachain development teams to keynote talks by Dr. Gavin Wood himself and other great personalities.


Polkadot Decoded Editions

Following the ecosystem's decentralized philosophy, the community can make decisions and help organize the main Polkadot Decoded program by voting on talk proposals submitted.

Thanks to this feature in each edition there is an increasing quantity and variety of interesting talks.

In the following links you can access the official pages and playlists where you can rewatch all the talks of every Polkadot Decoded edition again.

Polkadot Decoded Keynotes

Unforgettable lectures by some of the great minds behind Polkadot 

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Björn Wagner Talks

Raul Romanutti Talks

Polkadot Community

Expect Chaos

Links to all the content created by the users and creators of the ecosystem about the Polkadot Decoded event and all its editions.